We are now offering all of our corporate talks, training workshops on virtual platforms!

Let's face it the world has been turned upside-down due to Covid... The Magic Speaker wasn't going to be launched until 2021, but with Gregs magic business on 'pause' during the extra time allowed his plans to forward for this project!


We have adjusted all corporate talks & webinars to suit all virtual events and will be rolling live virtual training for confidence development, building trusting relationships, people reading skills & more!


If you are looking to develop your communication skills and learn new ways of bringing people together for more win-win outcomes get in touch for a FREE non-obligational consultation today!

Corporate Training & Workshops on a Virtual Format!

Clients have paid thousands in the past for interactive, fun and insightful training for Gregs magic & mind-reading live workshops all designed for building trusting relationships with others, meeting new people and ultimately bring people together! Webinars are a fraction of the price and allows you to experience his live workshop through a screen!

With a unique background as a magician, mind-reader, hypnotist and gentlemen pickpocket Greg has a variety of subjects to help him attune himself to how others feel/think so he can ethically move them for a win-win outcome! His most popular workshop, "REAL-LIFE Mind-Reading Techniques for Building Trusting Relationships within Business!" teaches just this! We have recently adapted this workshop to a virtual format so it is now simple & easy to take part in this unique, fun and insightful corporate training course!

Check out virtual talk replay below!

“I really enjoyed yesterday’s training! There were lots of things we do already but it formalised those (like baselining people’s reactions). There were also some good cross overs between professional (for business) and personal life (for personal life and sports), which I related to on the belief elements. It was certainly a worthwhile experience and something that will help us and make us think differently about things.”

-Chris Redhead, Senior Account Manager, TribePad

What if you knew how someone feels towards your brand or product whilst at a networking meeting or on a sales call...


Would this help you move forward to adapt how you proceed with the conversation?


Would your business run more efficiently if there were fewer miscommunications between colleagues, clients, contractors and even yourself?


You do not need to be a mind-reader or body language expert to be able to efficiently read peoples emotions & feelings & the process is EASY & LEARNABLE!!!

Greg believes knowledge is much easier to retain when it is delivered in a fun, interactive and memorable way and with his background as an entertainer he wants to help others build stronger networks in their businesses and personal lives so they can help make themselves & others become successful!
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We are a new speaker and brand so at the moment we are focusing our marketing on talks and workshops... however we are always developing our products & services!
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